Top 10 Bollywood beauties who Love Yoga

Bollywood- the wonderland of India. The place which excites almost everyone with its glitz & glamour, gives inspiration too. Yes Bollywood beauties influence girls of all ages, sometimes with their style other times with their physique. But do you know how much hard work goes into maintaining the physique we see on silver screen.

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Famous Indian Father-Son Celebrity Duos

He is the hero! He is the backbone of all our adventures! He is the one who will never let you face anything alone! He is the one who will be with you no matter what world say about you!! Who is he? He is the father!! Father who is our first hero, who gives […]

Amazing Fashion Jewelry under Rs. 499

It is said that girls can never have enough clothes to wear for any occasion, but many people don’t know that a girl can never have enough jewelry. Fashion Jewelry is considered as an element which enhances the overall look of anyone wearing it.

Of Blood, Stains and Sanitary Pads- Period Shaming in India

Mensuration or the periods are a natural phenomenon that takes place in every woman’s life. It is a sign of fertility and that the body functions are healthy. While mensuration is a life generating beautiful phenomenon in a woman’s life for which she ought to feel happy, proud and secure. Yet period shaming in today’s […]

Tips for Wearing Sweatpants in Public with Style

The fashion trends change all the time. Every season there new trends introduced and women upgrade the wardrobe so that have the latest fashions in their closet. There are some fashion trends that do not disappear easily. The womens sweat-pants are a popular trend when it comes to casual wear. The sweatpants were only worn […]

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