15 Homemade DIY Pregnancy Tests to be Sure

Pregnancy the most beautiful phase in the life of every woman, it is that period in which a life is growing inside the body of a woman. It gives women the supreme power of the world to create a life within her.

It starts the journey of changes in the lives of both the parents more specifically for the mother to be, everything changes from your appearances, to your body structure, to your likings & preferences, to your taste & your temper level.

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5 Ayurvedic Hair masks To Control Hair fall

Ayurveda is the most ancient and the most trusted form of medicine in India. It has been in India since the beginning of times. And it is also the most effective and has very less side effects because only the natural ingredients without chemicals are used in the process of Ayurveda. So according to the golden science, hair mask is one way to control your hair fall. Here are some of the best recipes!

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5 Tips from Celebrity Makeup Artists that will Change your Makeup Game

Binge watching those celebrity inspired makeup tutorials, flipping the pages of our favourite magazine, following every celebrity artist on Instagram, we have done it all to find those small but game-changing hacks to get that flawless, airbrush makeup that our celebrities have been spotted wearing but often had we find any new information. Here are those secret tips from the who’s who of the industry that will change the way you do your makeup forever.

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