10 Tips to Look Fab this Monsoon

Monsoon – the rainy season!! Considered as very romantic season!

But this romantic season is also one of the grey season of year, due to weather. In such time most of the people are either stuck in Jam or got trapped in the mud; eventually their clothes get tarnished by all the stains given by beautiful roads of the city.

So how should one dress up for office in monsoon season. Let me tell you some simple tricks for dressing up

1. Brighten up yourself

Well Monsoon is the time for grayness in atmosphere. This grayness can be cured by brightening yourself. Monsoon is the perfect time for bright colors in your wardrobe. Up the oomph factor by adding blue, red & oranges in your wardrobe. Simple rule for monsoon is avoid white, black & wear all other beautiful colors of universe.

So take that beautiful orange dress out of wardrobe which is hidden somewhere back.

Orange Dress for Women this Monsoon

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2. Makeup

Most of the time when you dress up for office you use nudes & light shades of blushes , lipsticks & boring black or brown eyeliners, which is not suited for monsoon. It is perfect time to play with colors & create a riot of colors to brighten up your mood & enjoy. Keep your black eyeliners back in vanity box & take out colorful eye pencils to create a mesmerizing look.

Use of bright red lipstick will up the fashion quotient in monsoon. Just to make sure you don’t look UNPROFESSIONAL – USE ONE BRIGHTNESS FACTOR AT A TIME, WHICH WILL MAKE YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL INSTEAD OF LOOKING LIKE RAINBOW.

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3. Shoes

As quoted by forever beauty icon – Marilyn Monroe: Give a girl the right shoe, she can conquer the world”. Shoes play an important role in defining your whole look .it can make or break the look of a person, but one problem with shoes in monsoon is once they get in wet in rains they lose all their shine & luster.

Leather & suede shoes are not meant for monsoon season, instead you should buy jelly shoes, flats, floaters, which is slip resistant.

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4. Shorten up the length of Trousers & Skirts

Long trousers & skirts in monsoon season get dirty very fast. They didn’t let you move freely. You can opt for calf length straight skirts, or you can wear ankle length straight pants which are very much in trend as well as very convenient to wear on muddy roads.

5. Indian Formals

If you are one of those who love Indian wear more than Western women, then you also need to take season into consideration. U should avoid heavy Patiala suits, worked dupattas & opt for if simple, elegant Kurtis with leggings or churidar or straight pants which are very much in fashion.

They gives you the ease of movement & instead of dupattas one can opt for scarves or stoles which are a shorter & convenient version of dupattas.

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6. A Big NO for Denims

Denims are your favorite & you absolutely love your denims but this love cannot help you in wearing denims.

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Once wet it gets very difficult to remove denims & also it takes ages to get dried due to which it attracts fungus.

7. Hairs

Moisture in weather can make hair frizzy, & unmanageable, make sure to use baby shampoos as it is mild & does not make your hair lose more moisture. Also make sure to use conditioner for softening the hair, tie your hair in buns or braids in order to prevent hair from getting dirty with rain water & dust.

8. Gadgets

Awesome rains make your awesome gadgets suffer a lot!! You should keep all your costly gadgets in Zip lock packs in order to avoid it getting wet & keeping it away from moisture.

9. Bags

Bags play very important part in your whole look for office. You must have a very classy bag to complete the look of your formal attire. But carrying a leather or suede bag in monsoon season is simply considered as negligence for your costly bags.

One should carry Plastic or clothes bag as it does not attract fungus on getting wet.

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10. Umbrellas/ Rain Coats

Well last but not the least, after spending on above stated items small amount of money you are left with ( in case you don’t have much cash ) spend some on Beautiful umbrellas & rain coats. There is huge variety of colorful, vibrant & intricately done umbrellas available in market. You can choose any vibrant umbrella, as per your choice & if you want to go for rain coat then they are also available in vibrant shades you can choose from huge variety.

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Every organization has its own dressing style so you should dress according to that only. If you want to be in good books of your bosses, then you must keep your attire in sync with company & your boss preferences. So get drenched in rain & enjoy the weather in class.!!

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