6 Ways to keep smelling WOW all day

You get up in morning & get ready for office in full-on tashan !!

Attire – Check

Makeup – Check

Footwear – Check

Well everything is up to the mark & very well maintained but once you reach office – all hell break loose on you when you just raise your hand & your own smell makes you feel Shit!! Even after taking bath & getting properly ready the smell huhh!!

If even after multiple trials of deodorants/perfumes you still feel bad then you must read this blog & follow it-

Moisturize your Body

Well if you want to smell really nice then apply some unscented body lotion just after you take bath & moisturize your body. As moisturizer will make your perfume stay longer. Dry skin does not retain the perfume for longer duration.

Spray Deodorant/Perfume on Touch Points

Spray deodorant/perfume on neck, back of ears, wrist & other touch points. Spray when combined with your skin & gives a nice smell.

David OFF Perfume Spray for Women

Maintain Hygiene

Some people smell WOW even without applying too much deo/perfumes, you must be wondering how? It’s because they maintain hygiene always. They take bath regularly either daily or some take it twice a day too in order to remain clean & fresh always!! This habit gives results for long term.

Use Scented Body Lotion

Use scented body lotions in the morning, it will work for 2 causes one- give you fresh feeling & second will moisturize the body too. Very good for those who do not want to use perfumes daily

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Victoria Secret- Scented Body Lotion

Don’t rub the Fragrance after Applying it

Once you applied perfume don’t rub the skin it will reduce the efficiency of the perfume.so apply & let it dry on its own in few minutes.

Check your Eating Habits

Check what you eat on regular basis, if it includes food rich in spices, onion & garlic etc then your body need some extra pampering in terms of freshness & products required to feel fresh. You can counter these food with extra bath

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