Anushka Sharma’s Dream came true on her 30th Birthday

We all know today is Anushka Sharma’s 30th birthday! We would like to wish her a Very Happy Birthday 🙂 . Since today is her first birthday after Marriage, it indeed is special.

While she is spending some quality time with Hubby Virat Kohli who is busy with IPL schedules, the Pari actress made a special announcement in midst of celebrations.

The actor who loves animals & who speak a lot about protection of animals released a statement on her Twitter, which states “She is building a shelter on more than six acres of land on the outskirts of Mumbai”.

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Anushka’s love for animals is well known fact. She herself has a dog Named DUDE, with whom she can be seen chilling out too.



The Phillauri actress, has made efforts in the past as well to protect animal rights.

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She has given up Non Vegetarian food. She spoke about feeding birds in summers & protecting animals from Holi colors & Diwali Noise too. She also worked at animal rescue center to whenever she gets time.



She wrote- “this has been my calling for years now & my dream is finally coming true.” This time she has taken a very big step towards the cause which is so close to her heart.

We can just say that the girl with golden heart & noble thoughts should always stay blessed!!


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