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5 Tips on How Aloe Vera helps in Hair Growth

Aloe Vera homemade Tips for Hair Growth

Hair is the beauty of every person and they always want to protect him or her. Now day’s people are fighting with hair fall and less speed of growth. Products available in the market have often proven to be more Read more…

Kick Your Coffee Habit in 7 Days- Guest Post

Kick your Cofee Habit in 7 Days

Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you wish you felt calmer?

By going caffeine-free you get better sleep and feel less stressed. I first realized my coffee habit was getting out of hand when I was drinking 3-5 cups of black filter coffee every day.

A Man who went against whole Society for me- Love You Dad!

Someone has said so right “A girls first love will always be her dad”

5 Ayurvedic Hair masks To Control Hair fall

Hair Fall Tips

Ayurveda is the most ancient and the most trusted form of medicine in India. It has been in India since the beginning of times. And it is also the most effective and has very less side effects because only the natural ingredients without chemicals are used in the process of Ayurveda. So according to the golden science, hair mask is one way to control your hair fall. Here are some of the best recipes!

Anushka Sharma Lashes Out At Those Who Are Saying Phillauri Is Produced By Virat Kohli

The trailer of Anushka Sharma‘s upcoming film, Phillauri, starring Diljit Dosanjh is garnering a lot of interest and has definitely piqued the audience’s interest due to its unusual storyline. However, rumours of the film being produced by her alleged boyfriend, Virat Kohli has upset the diva.