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Kick Your Coffee Habit in 7 Days- Guest Post

Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you wish you felt calmer?

By going caffeine-free you get better sleep and feel less stressed. I first realized my coffee habit was getting out of hand when I was drinking 3-5 cups of black filter coffee every day.

Top 10 Bollywood beauties who Love Yoga

Bollywood- the wonderland of India. The place which excites almost everyone with its glitz & glamour, gives inspiration too. Yes Bollywood beauties influence girls of all ages, sometimes with their style other times with their physique. But do you know how much hard work goes into maintaining the physique we see on silver screen.

Of Blood, Stains and Sanitary Pads- Period Shaming in India

Mensuration or the periods are a natural phenomenon that takes place in every woman’s life. It is a sign of fertility and that the body functions are healthy. While mensuration is a life generating beautiful phenomenon in a woman’s life Read more…

12 Best Yoga Asanas for Reducing Belly Fat

The modern lifestyle of the metros with erratic work hours has taken a toll on the health of one and all. The unhealthy eating habits combined with the stress and lack of proper exercise lead to collection of fat in Read more…

15 DIY Homemade Pregnancy Tests to be Sure

DIY Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy the most beautiful phase in the life of every woman, it is that period in which a life is growing inside the body of a woman. It gives women the supreme power of the world to create a life within her.

It starts the journey of changes in the lives of both the parents more specifically for the mother to be, everything changes from your appearances, to your body structure, to your likings & preferences, to your taste & your temper level.