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Tips for Wearing Sweatpants in Public with Style

The fashion trends change all the time. Every season there new trends introduced and women upgrade the wardrobe so that have the latest fashions in their closet. There are some fashion trends that do not disappear easily. The womens sweat-pants Read more…

Tips for a Safe Holi- Enjoy with Care & Don’t be Scared

Holi Color Hand

India the land of diversity have different festivals for every season. With the outburst of spring season here comes the festival of joyful colors – HOLI. The festival of colors is on 2nd March 2018 this year. While Holika Dehan is on 1st March 2018.  Markets are full of different kinds of delicious Gujiyas, funky pichkaris, toy guns & different shades of gulaals along with harmful colors too.

10 Tips to Look Fab this Monsoon

Monsoon – the rainy season!! Considered as very romantic season!

But this romantic season is also one of the grey season of year, due to weather. In such time most of the people are either stuck in Jam or got trapped in the mud& eventually their clothes get tarnished by all the stains given by beautiful roads of the city.

So how should one dress up for office in monsoon season.

How to Dress up to Look More Stylish At The Office

How to Dress up to Look More Stylish At The Office

Dressing up for work one of the major task for every women!! One needs to take many things into consideration while dressing up for work.

Whether you like it or not, your look & attire plays very important role in the workplace.