How to Dress up to Look More Stylish At The Office

Dressing up for work one of the major task for every women!! One needs to take many things into consideration while dressing up for work.

Whether you like it or not, your look & attire plays very important role in the workplace.

Your employers pay heed to your look, it can certainly make or break your impression in office, It can certainly hamper your growth in organization.

It gets really tricky sometimes to understand the rules of appearance, to get a better idea you can read the following blog

1. Dress as per work profile

You need to see the field you are working in while deciding your work wear. For example- A fashion designer can dress up in flared skirt with t-shirt but an investment banker cannot. So, your work profile plays very important role in deciding your attire.

It is said that if you dress up to fit in with company culture you will be considered as a team player. If everyone else wears pastels & you wear black daily you will be odd one out & that is not good!!

2. Don’t be too blingy—

Don’t wear clothes which have bling or are too bright in color for office. You are going office & not a function, bright neon or stone work should be avoided in office. No matter what your company, it is not appropriate to wear sexy or trendy clothing to work. You should opt for such clothes which have very elegant & subtle work on it.

3. Jewelry is for Marriages

Heavy gold or diamond jewelry of yours is best suited for marriages & not your office. Even your light weight jewelry  should be such that it does not create noise so that others don’t get disturbed by it. You should opt for such jewelry items which make you look stylish as well as professional too, like you can opt for huge stud earrings, or stone bracelets instead of hanging bracelets

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4. Over the top is not IN

Going Over the top with accessories is not allowed in office. One should opt for one kind of accessory at one time like wearing big rings along with big earrings & bracelets too will make you look like an accessory shop & not a professional.

Wear one big accessory at a time for example you wore bit heavy earrings then keep rest all accessories in the drawer or if you wear a statement neck piece then don’t wear earrings or keep it very small.

5. Check Fitting

Wear properly fitted clothes to the office. Too tight fitting clothes will make it uncomfortable for you to sit for 8-9 hrs & too loose clothes will make you look shabby!! Neither of the situations is good for you.

So check the fitting of clothes before finalizing it for office.

6. Nude is IN

One should choose minimal look in Makeup for office. Heavy makeup grabs the unwanted attention of everyone around you at work. Use nude shades of makeup for beautifying your whole look.

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Use light pink or peach shade for blush on & for eye shadow go for light colors only. This will make you look stunning.

7. Watch your Watch

Watch is one accessory which defines your work ethics like punctuality, seriousness towards your job. While deciding on watch keep in mind that it should enhance your personality, & make you look thorough professional while keeping up with latest fashion trends.


8. Beautify your Hands

If your job involves maximum time on keyboard, then beautify your hands with manicure & accessorize them with beautiful rings. It can be big, bold rings; just make sure when you are opting for bold rings then rest all accessories should be avoided.

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9. Repetition not Allowed

You cannot go to office wearing same kinds of clothes daily or you want yourself to be tagged as a person who keeps on repeating clothes, if not then learn how to accessorize your basic clothing.

Wearing a same dress but with in a different style will change your look completely. It can be easily done by simple rule of Mix & Match & accessorizing. Changing blouses or wearing scarf on dress can change its look & also it will keep you from getting bored with your wardrobe.

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10. Quality matters more than quantity

Last but not the least – always invests in high quality product while shopping for office wear!! A well made coat in a quality fabric may cost you bit higher than cheaper versions but it will last longer, look & make you feel better, than inexpensive one.


A well Groomed professional looks great & it creates positive impression on all around!! Hope with these tips you will be able to create a very positive  impression on your peers & boss!!

If you have some more ideas I will be really happy to receive it.

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