A Man who went against whole Society for me- Love You Dad!

Someone has said so right “A girls first love will always be her dad”

We were the family of all females and one male… my dad! you can’t imagine how crazy the family we were. Brought in very open and friendly environment my dad was more a friend than just a father.

I remember very clearly, he was the one who used to dress us up for school every day, get our homework done and take us for the evening stroll without a miss. As we grew and entered our teens, he was the guiding force through everything.

He was the center of our universe

I can never forget having late night Maggi and tea with him during our exams. He would be awake for us all throughout the night to motivate us and be equally nervous or maybe more on the day of result. He was the one who introduced us to cricket and as a family we were so hooked to the cricket be it day or night …

Once I asked him very timidly if I can go out for a late-night party with my friends. To my surprise he immediately said yes… with the timeline to return home. When I reached back home my mom was asleep and he was the one who was strolling on the terrace to see me back home safe.

Things that are supposed to be taught by mom, my dad never shied from that too. When I started my periods, I used to always miss my school, and this is what started troubling him. One day he sat with me very coolly and said,

What you are going through every girl goes through it and it is natural phenomena and you do not have to be ashamed of this at all.


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Coming this from my dad made me so comfortable that I stopped bunking my school there on.

When I decided to take that big step in my life and marry my long-term Muslim boyfriend. We had no support from our relatives or friends.

It was my father who put his foot down and gave a nod to this relationship without even thinking twice what society will say about.

He not only accepted this relationship but also gave full respect & love that the it deserved. He made sure my husband never felt out of place in a Hindu family. He was everything for us our friend, brother and father.

Fathers plays a very important role in a kid’s life which cannot be replaced by any other man at all. He is your friend, philosopher and guide. One should always cherish this relationship. I feel one will not be doing justice by dedicating just one day (17th June, Father’s Day) in a year to this relationship… it should be cherished and celebrated every single day of your life.

One should always remember time is never same and we should treat our parents with love, care and respect. You are in the world because of them.

Though, it’s been 18 years now that we are separated by god… but he will live in our heart forever. There has been not a single day when you are not missed. You would have been proud to see us grown into young sensible adults! We were lucky to have you in our life for whatever time we had with you.

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Love you papa always!


Note: This post has been submitted to us by one of our reader.

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