Tips for a Safe Holi- Enjoy with Care & Don’t be Scared

Holi Color Hand

India the land of diversity have different festivals for every season. With the outburst of spring season here comes the festival of joyful colors – HOLI. The festival of colors is on 2nd March 2018 this year. While Holika Dehan is on 1st March 2018.

Markets are full of different kinds of delicious Gujiyas, funky pichkaris, toy guns & different shades of gulaals along with harmful colors too.

With harmful colors comes the side effects which can damage your hair, skin badly. Does that mean you should keep yourself hidden in house & you should not play holi at all? Well, if you ask me I will say a big NO!!

Holi comes once a year only. You should not miss this beautiful festival just to avoid the effects of colors.

But that does not mean you should let colors affect your skin & hair badly. Now you will ask how to avoid the effects even after playing.

I am giving you some easy holi safety tips for your protection 😉


You can wear any colored outfit or even white outfit too like the one you see in Bollywood holi sequences. But one thing you must keep in mind is to wear the most comfortable outfit.

Transparent or clingy clothes are a big NO coz you won’t like someone staring wet you at wrong places. Try to wear clothes which cover most of the body parts like full sleeves with this you can create a barrier between color & your skin.


Go for most comfy options like colorful slippers, floaters, sneakers. Don’t wear ballerinas as they get heavy when wet. Stay away from heels as you would be running & dancing at holi parties & with water around you chances of slipping are more & it can turn out to be nightmare.

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Hair Styles

Open hair are a big no for holi season, as it will get all the colors in it, your hair roots & tips both will be badly damaged with harmful colors. So tie them up in a stylish bun, French braid or any style which u like to keep them tied completely.

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Wear a beautiful bright color nail paint or try out nail art design in order to save nails from the stains of holi colors.  This will give a coating to your beautiful nails & also make them look prettier & in sync with holi theme.

Well these are basic dressing guidelines before playing holi. Best suggestion is just play safe & enjoy the festival.


Happy Holi to all of you


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