5 Easy Homemade Face Packs for Summer

Winters are over we are happy about it. Now we can wear sleeveless tops, short skirts & summery dresses at least. But with all these benefits come few disadvantages too. Well summers make our skin look dull & oily almost all the time. Oily greasy skin leads to breakouts & thanks to harsh sun we get tanned too. All these issues create problems for us on a daily basis.

What to do with all these problems?

Well, go for Facial!

Going for facial every fifteen days or a month depending on your requirements will not only cost you a bomb but also damage your skin in the long run. Using chemicals on skin will create problems only.

So what is the solution?

Well our very own Kitchen has solutions for all our problems.

Here we are giving you few tried & tested homemade face packs / scrub which can cure your summer issues. Best summer face pack for glowing skin are as follows-

1. Tomato at the Rescue

We use tomato to make food gravy delicious. So why not use it to make our skin delicious – I mean glowing  😀

This is considered as one of the best homemade face packs for tanned skin

  1. Take pulp of 1 medium sized tomato add a drop of honey into it.
  2. Mix it well & apply on face & neck.
  3. Leave it for 10- 15 minutes & rinse with cold water.

Tomato has astringent properties which help in shrinking of pores, it fights acne, reduces blackheads.


2. Sandalwood – Rose Water Pack

Sandal wood is an age old Indian ingredient for summer face mask it soothes the skin, gives it glow & when combined with rose water it tones the skin too.

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Regular use of this face pack cools skin & make it glow all the time.

  1. You simply need to add rose water to 3-4 teaspoon of Sandalwood powder.
  2. Mix it well to make a paste.
  3. Apply it evenly on face & neck keep it for 15 minutes & wash with cold water once dry.

3. Almond with Rose Water


Having almonds daily have lots of benefits like it reduces sugar levels, reduces blood pressure & promote weight loss. It has magnesium, healthy fats etc. Which are good for health, so why not use it to make summer face pack for dry skin.

  1. You can simply soak 10 – 12 almonds overnight & make their paste in morning.
  2. Add rose water in it & your face pack is ready.
  3. Apply it evenly on face & neck, once semi dry scrub your face up wards.

Wash your face with cold water, you will be amazed to see the results on regular usage. Blackheads will be reduced & a beautiful glow will be added to your face.


4. Lemon, Honey & Curd Pack

There are a lot of benefits of honey, one of them being weight loss. Lemon & honey when combined with hot water, helps you to shed those extra inches. So when they are mixed with another Summery food product the benefit will surely triple up. This is best summer face pack for oily skin.

  1. Mix juice of 1 lemon, 1 tsp. honey to 1 tablespoon of curd, mix all the ingredients well.
  2. Make a smooth paste of it.
  3. Apply it on face, neck & also your hands if you want to.
  4. Keep it for 15 minutes & wash with water.

This is one of the homemade face packs which will make you feel rejuvenated & will remove Tan too.

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5. Lentils with Cucumber

Masoor Dal – Most of us consider it to be a tasteless dal which we take only when we are ill 😛 . But this rich source of protein is very good for over all health as well as our skin too.

  1. Soak around 1 cup of dal overnight & make paste in morning.
  2. Make cucumber puree along with this paste.
  3. Now mix both these pastes in a plastic or glass bowl add few drops of essential oil in case you don’t like the smell of dal.

Apply this pack on face, arms, neck & feet too if you want to. Keep it for 5-10 minutes when semi dry scrub it in opposite direction of hair growth. Wash with water at normal temperature. This pack will scrub off the dead skin, & cucumber will cool down your skin too.


These are some of the cheap & best homemade packs for your summer skin care. It will give your skin the care & your pocket the much needed rest 😉

Try them &don’t forget to share feedback with us in the comments section below.

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