10 DIY Tips to use Honey to Get Flawless Skin and Beautiful Hair

Honey is a gift to mankind from Mother Nature itself. This one ingredient can act as savior in all your health & beauty related worries. Honey act as a one stop shop for all worries like skin pack, cold & cough & reducing weight.

It helps us in various ways, best part is it is readily available in our kitchen so no need to go to market & buy anything.

Today I am going to share some amazing DIY honey packs & usages for a healthier you!!

Honey for Weight Loss

We all know drinking early morning warm water with honey & lemon is good for weight loss, but many of us don’t know that honey needs to be taken at night too.

  • Take a glass of hot water, add 1 tsp honey & a pinch of cinnamon powder.
  • Drink it before sleeping & in few days check your weight.

It helps in reducing belly fat and weight loss drastically.

Honey Face Cleaner

Honey is a beauty ingredient we all know but do you know it’s an excellent face cleaner & is very easy to use too.

  • Clean your face daily with honey.
  • Simply massage a few drops of honey on your face for 2-3 minutes.
  • Wash with normal water.

With regular use you will see the glow!!

Honey Face Packs

Honey brings a glow to the skin, I am telling you some homemade face packs which are easy DIY & will save your cost of expensive facials.

Gram Flour Pack

This pack can be used on whole body if you want.

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Honey face pack with Gram Flour(Source)


Gram flour – half cup

Milk cream- 2 tsp

Turmeric- ½ tsp

Honey 2 tsp

Rose water – few drops for fragrance only

Mix all the ingredients in a glass bowl. Apply it on face & neck, whole body if you want to. Keep it for some time till it gets a bit dried up. Now wet your fingers with rose water or plain water & rub the pack.

Once whole pack is removed, wash with normal water & welcome beautiful skin.

Almonds & Honey Pack

Honey face pack with Almonds


4-5 overnight soaked almond, which will be grinded to make paste

Milk cream 1 tsp

Honey 1 tsp

Mix all the ingredients in glass bowl. Apply it on face & neck, wash it after 15 mins.

It’s a good face pack for dry and normal skin types. It will give your skin the necessary hydration and softness.

Banana & Honey Pack

Honey face pack with Banana


Banana -1 mashed

Honey 1 tsp

Mix Mash banana and honey. Apply on the face and neck for 15 minutes and wash it.

This face pack is good for dry skin. It gives a soft and glowing skin.

Sugar & Honey Scrub

Honey face pack with Sugar


Sugar 1 tsp

Honey 1 tsp

It is the most commonly used homemade scrub. It works well to remove dead skin.

This Sugar and honey mixed scrub needs to be rubbed on skin for 5-10 mins and then wash off with plain water. The effect is clearly visible.

Lemon & Honey Pack

Honey face pack with Lemon


Lemon Juice 1 tsp

Honey 1 tsp

Mix both honey & lemon juice & apply on face & neck. Wash after 10 mins to reveal smooth & beautiful skin.

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Honey Apricot & Walnut Scrub


Honey – 2 tsp

Lemon juice – 1 tsp

Walnut –finely grounded 1 tsp

Apricot –Finely grounded 1 tsp

Rose water – few drops

Mix grounded Apricot & walnut with lemon juice, add honey to it & make a smooth paste. Add few drops for Rose water for sweet smell of rose.

Apply this mixture on face & neck & rub gently for 10-15 minutes. Wash it off with plain water to reveal soft supple glowing skin.

Apart from skin Honey is very good for Hair too. I am telling you some great uses of Honey for beautification of your hairs.

Egg & Honey Pack

Honey face pack with Eggs


1 egg

Milk – 4 tsp

Honey – 2 tsp

Beat 1 egg in bowl, add milk & honey to it & apply it on scalp & tresses. Keep it for 20 – 30 mins & then shampoo it. You will be amazed to feel the softness of your hairs.

Honey Rinse

Mix 1 tsp of honey & 1 tsp of Apple cider vinegar in mug of water & use it as the last rinse after shampoo & conditioning. It will make your hair shine extraordinarily.


Now you know various benefits of Honey. I would request you to try whichever DIY you like the most & share reviews with me at  Info.absolutefashionista@gmail.com. I will wait for your reviews.

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