Kick Your Coffee Habit in 7 Days- Guest Post

Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you wish you felt calmer?

By going caffeine-free you get better sleep and feel less stressed. I first realized my coffee habit was getting out of hand when I was drinking 3-5 cups of black filter coffee every day.

My habit also extended to coffee shops where I would catch up with friends and order myself double-shot Americano’s… only to spend the afternoon with a jittery tummy and waves of anxiety.

Sound familiar?

Coffee is classified as a stimulant. This means it raises the levels of physiological and nervous activity in your body

…Which explains why too much coffee leads you to feel frantic, wired and stressed out.


7 Days to Give Up Coffee

The best way to adopt a new habit is to barely notice that you are doing it.

To give up coffee I have adapted a simple approach so that you can quit in a week.

Before you start make sure to purchase a decaf version of your regular coffee.

Day 1- Observe

Observe how much coffee you are drinking. Make a note on your smartphone or write it down on paper.

…Or if this is too much effort simply be fully conscious when you drink.

Introduce a new ritual of a decaf evening drink. If you have coffee in the evening, try a new alternative such as hot water & lemon or peppermint/chamomile tea.

Day 2 – Cut down by 50%

So, if you usually have 4 cups of coffee… have 2 cups of regular coffee + 2 cups decaf instead.

Start thinking about everyday ‘easy’ caffeine switches. For example, you could replace soda with a sparkling fruit water.

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Day 3 to 6 – Cut down by 75%

1 cup of regular coffee + 3 cups decaf.

Day 7 – Cut down by 100%

Make ALL your usual coffee’s decaf and keep up your evening drink ritual.

*Consider giving away your caffeinated coffee to a friend or neighbor.

Well Done! You’ve made it!

Celebrate with a relaxing bath & a good book.



How to resist temptation

When adopting new habits, it can be scary to think

‘I will never have regular coffee again.’

Or ‘I must give up coffee forever.’

Instead treat it as a challenge or an experiment to see if you can do it. You can always tell yourself that if it doesn’t work out you can go back to drinking regular coffee again.

Remember… by taking the pressure away it’s more likely you will succeed.

Now it’s Over to You

If you feel like your coffee consumption is causing you to feel frazzled and anxious see if you can cut down by trying my 7-day guide.

There are many benefits to giving up caffeine which can take a huge toll on our bodies (without us even realizing).

You might find that after a few weeks you don’t even need the coffee substitutes anymore.

Take the challenge and see if you end up more rested and less anxious.



This post is a Guest Post submission by Sara Runge.

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