Mira Rajput just Hit the Wrong Chord

Mira Rajput –A 23 year (approx. age) old lady, who got married just after completing graduation & gave birth to a little cute baby girl. Meet Mira Rajput – Wife of Bollywood heartthrob – Shahid Kapoor, mother of celebrity kid Misha. A very private person, who has entered the Bollywood fraternity by her marriage only.

You must be wondering why am I writing about Mira & her background or qualification, well she is trending nowadays guys!! Don’t you all know she is in the news for her thoughts & not because of Shahid Kapoor well – A Big Achievement I must say!!

Mrs. Kapoor has recently said few things about working mothers, their kids & how good it is to be a homemaker on an event for Women’s day. Mira said -“I love being at home, I love being a mother to my child, I wouldn’t want to spend one hour a day with my child and rush off to work, why did I have her? She is not a puppy; I want to be there for her as a mother.”

Mira Rajput with her kid

For someone who is born into privilege & then married into privilege, saying these things is very normal, from being a student @ LSR to a star wife she has got more than people at her age can think of.

Why is she trending, why people talk about her is just because she married Shahid Kapoor.

Do you think a person like her has the right to say such things about women & their Jobs??

Why do women work even after marriage is it for fun or is it any task to do?? Well, I will give you a few reasons for working after marriage.

  1. We are qualified to work & we want our brain to be used into positive things – Some of us are MBA, CA, some are doctors, lawyers, or post graduate or PhD holders, why we studied so much if we cannot use it after marriage. We work so that our knowledge can help someone else & we get to know new things in the market. Our Brain should keep on working, there’s no age for learning.
  2. Kids learn from their parents – Kids learn from their parents, they don’t learn everything in school & Mother is considered as First & the best teacher in the world. So both our sons & daughters learn from us that how tough life can be?? What all we have to do in order to make their life easy & comfortable.
  3. We want to be financially independent – We don’t rely on our husbands to fulfill our needs, we are self-sufficient to make all the ends meet for us.
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Well, these are some of the reasons, but let’s not forget there’s a whole set of society where working women is a necessity & not a choice. There are women who work to pay bills, who leave their 2-3 months old kids in crèche because they don’t have leaves & job is required for kids good upbringing.

–> Don’t they feel bad about it??
–> Don’t they have the guilt that they cannot look after their kids when he/she is Ill??
–> Don’t they feel bad about not being able to attend Parent teacher meeting or sports day or annual day of the kid’s school due to work requirements??

They do feel bad, they too get hurt but, Not everyone is born with a silver spoon, not everyone is privileged to all the facilities available the moment they think of it.

They do a tough task of walking on a two-side sword – they have to be good mothers & also a good employee. They don’t treat their kids as PUPPIES instead they give them role models in the home & make them learn what they can do to bring change in society & its thinking.

An empowered society comprises of both men& women who are empowered equally to pursue their choice, be it a career choice or a choice to be a homemaker. It should not be based on their gender, but only on their willingness & choice.

I just want to say that please don’t treat women like this don’t make them feel bad about their choice after all its their life their choice. Don’t try to show them their place is in the kitchen because their place is where they want to be & what they want to be & not what society want them to be.

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