Tips for Wearing Sweatpants in Public with Style

The fashion trends change all the time. Every season there new trends introduced and women upgrade the wardrobe so that have the latest fashions in their closet. There are some fashion trends that do not disappear easily.

The womens sweat-pants are a popular trend when it comes to casual wear. The sweatpants were only worn in the comfort of home but now the trend is changing and they are worn in public as well.

Here are a few tips that can help in wearing the sweatpants in style and without looking lazy.

Buy the right ones:

The key to looking good in a sweat pant is making sure that you buy the right one. If you are planning on wearing them in public then you need to make sure that you invest in athletic sweatpants. The saggy ones are not a good choice when it comes to wearing them in public. Reserve the saggy ones for a relaxing evening at home. The athletic ones are designed like soccer pants so they have better fitting which makes them look less casual than the saggy ones. Find the sweatpants that are less baggy if you are going to wear them in public.

Selecting the right color:

The color is also an important decision because not every color is going to work in public. The basic blue and black colors work best because you can find shirts that will go well with the sweatpants. The sweatpants are not really meant to wear in public so you need to pair them with shoes and shirts that do not attract much attention to the pants. The grey sweatpants are not a good choice because they are too casual and they will make you look too lazy.

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Pairing the right top:

If you want the sweatpants to work in public then you need to make sure that you pair them with the right clothing items. There are a number of options when it comes to selecting the top. If you want a casual and bold look then you can always wear a crop top. A tighter shirt is also a good option as both crop tops and tighter shirts will balance the bagginess of the pants. The loose button-down tops are also a good choice as it is adds to the comfort and casual nature of the sweatpants.

Adding a jacket:

You can dress up the sweatpants by adding some clothing items that will balance its casualness. For warm seasons you can add a denim jacket on a top of a plain top. For a bit chilly weather you can always choose to wear a leather jacket. A leather jacket will add style and comfort to the sweatpants look.

The footwear:

To complete the look you need to make sure that you choose the right shoes. The sneakers are not the only footwear option when it comes to the sweatpants look. You can wear flats with them. The heels are also an option to wear with these pants in public.

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